The changing of seasons always ignites inspiration in me. If you know me, you know I love metaphors and this particular week in Texas is no exception. With flowers blooming, the humid air signaling the start of spring showers and the breezes of whimsy, I write.

A few months ago during a seemingly drawn out time of transition in my career, I heard someone at work say, “It’s a lot, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel” and immediately resigned to feeling that I, too, was in a tunnel. Isn’t that such a human thing to do – to cling to a way of thinking when we see that someone else is in the same boat?

I received a promotion, joined an incredible team for a new market, and got to train our new team members, among other opportunities I’m incredibly thankful for. Yet all these blessings were tainted by my perspective of being stuck and overwhelmed.

I confided in my co-worker and he shared something that to him may have been a flippant piece of advice, but to me instilled the vision I needed to persevere through this season of change and transition.

He told me: It’s not the weight of your responsibilities that puts you in a tunnel, it’s your perspective.

He continued to paint the picture that tunnels are dark, claustrophobic, and unending but bridges are bright, expansive, and open. Why would I choose to trudge through the darkness with no end in sight when I could build and grow my way to the other side? I choose bridges.

But what does this look like practically?

I write this because maybe you needed this reminder too. Don’t let your perspective rob you of the vast opportunity in every season we get to experience in and out of work. Let yourself grow.

April 17, 2019

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